Writers & Poetry Club
Dingly Village

The club may be reached thru 14 Rhoda Street, Dingly Village, VIC 3172 – PH# 03 9551 1329.

Mount Alberth

The club is located at 493 Elgar Road, Mount Albert North, VIC 3129 – PH# 03 9890 5885.


The Queensland Braille Writing Association (QBWA) is a voluntary association producing Braille and Moon books for children and adults, school and university students.


We are a group of experienced writers dedicated to producing: works of fiction, short or long; poetry; and biography. Contact Wendy Ashton at wooashton@hotmail.com.


Sydney PEN, an affiliate of International PEN, is an association of Australian writers and readers, publishers and human rights activists. Sydney PEN Centre defends freedom of expression: campaigning on behalf of writers in the Asia and Pacific region who have been silenced by persecution or imprisonment, and promoting the written word in all its forms.


The club may be reached thru 1A Plante Court, Bendigo, VIC 3550 – PH# 03 5442 3268.


The Victorian Writers’ Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that assists writers through the various stages of their development. We provide high-quality information and professional development services for aspiring and established writers, with special benefits for members of the organisation.

South Bank

Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) is the leading provider of specialised writing services in Queensland. Through its annual programs, it promotes skills development and professional practice and works to advance the recognition of Queensland writers and writing, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Farm Writers’ plays an important role in helping to strengthen links and understanding between the rural sector and the wider Australian community. Regular forums held in Sydney provide a unique and respected platform for industry leaders, expert commentators, entrepreneurs and activists to communicate with a wide range of audiences and influencers.


The Tamworth Songwriters’ Association Inc. is an Australasian-wide association of Songwriters. Its headquarters are in Tamworth , but it has branches wherever a sufficient number of members have been able to get together and its interests are truly nation-wide. It has no paid staff and is operated solely by volunteers. Its orientation is towards Country Music, but it embraces Australasian writers of all fields.

Werribee Plaza

The club may be reached thru PO Box 1625, Werribee Plaza, 3030 VIC = {H# 0422 672 789.

Mount Waverly

The club is located at Waverley Community Learning Centre, 5 Fleet Street, Mount Waverly, VIC – 3149 – PH# 03 9807 6011.


The RURAL PRESS CLUB aims to strengthen the links between rural media, public relations, agribusiness and government groups in Queensland. It also offers members entry to national and world-wide networks of like-minded colleagues.


The Fellowship of Australian Writers was formedJohn Le Gay Brereton in Sydney in 1928 by a group including Mary Gilmore, Steel Rudd and John le Gay Brereton, prominent writers at the time. It was formed to try and help Australian Writers who were very poorly used at the time.


The Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. is a non-profit organisation that promotes using editorial services, developing editing standards, exchanging and disseminating information and ideas between editors.


The membership of the Australian Bush Poets Association comprises of writers, performers and individuals who are interested in bush poetry. If you are interested in Australian bush poetry either traditional or modern, as a writer, reader, performer or just an admirer then membership to the ABPA is for you. The club may be contacted thru Irene Conner iconner21@wn.com.au.


The club may be reached thru PO Box 3162, 3 Gilbert Road, Prahran East, Victoria 3181.


The Fellowship of Australian Writers, founded in 1928, is an Australia-wide body with branches in each State, the ACT and Northern Territory. Non-political and non-sectarian, it caters for both established writers and those interested in writing.

We are a not for profit writers club established in Brisbane ninety years. Fellowship of Australian Writers -Qld aims to encourage the study of literature; to foster a love of good books and fine writing; to bring established and aspiring writers together; to encourage creative writing. Fellowship of Australian Writers РQld ínvite writers Рbeginners and writers of stories and poetry to become members no matter where you live.


Our aim is to encourage, celebrate and sympathise with our members in their writing endeavours and have fun at the same time!

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