Cat Feline Club
Whyalla SA 5600, Australia
The Adelaide Hills, SA 5242, Australia
0438 8390330438 839033
Gawler SA 5118, Australia
39 Northfield Road, Northfield SA 5085, Australia
491 Cherry Gardens Road, Cherry Gardens SA 5157, Australia
08 8270 2232 / 0414 881 60608 8270 2232 / 0414 881 606
Highbury SA 5089, Australia
21 Knuckey Street, Darwin NT 0800, Australia
0407 452 9470407 452 947
South Australia, Australia
08 8388 368908 8388 3689

Breeders of gorgeous, fluffy, healthy, well socialised, blue eyed kittens that are born and raised in our home. Traditional colours & patterns. Lilacs & Chocolates available early 2008.

South Australia, Australia

All Breeds Judge for the Feline Association of South Australia (FASA).

Margate, TAS 7054 Australia
03 6267 114003 6267 1140

Spellbound Cattery of Tasmania, breeders of beautiful Birman Cats. Established 2001, striving for excellence in type, temperament and disposition.

329 Brinktop Road Penna, TAS 7171 Australia

No one really knows how long the forest Cats had lived in Norway. It was assumed that they are descendants of shorthaired cats brought from England by the Vikings and longhaired cats brought by the Crusaders. The rough climate in Norway determined that only the strong survived, as their winters are long and harsh.

43 Hodges Road Healesville, VIC 3777 Australia

Breeding Siamese & Oriental Cats for Health, Temperament & Type.

Victoria, Australia

Cyclard Cattery is owned by Marie Orchard and based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are proud members and registered breeders of the FCCV Inc., We breed british shorthair cats with love and care in various colours including blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, torti and pointed.

Melbourne, Victoria

We are affiliated with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Victoria and Australia. Our cattery is small, insuring that we can give our babies the very best care and attention possible.

Canberra, Australia

Registered with CCI which is affiliated with CCCA. Breeding Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red Point Birmans.

Perth, Western Australia

Aim and mission is to produce outstanding silver leopards and leopardesses as the silvers have captured our hearts.

Melba, ACT 2615 Australia

Specialising in Seal, Blue Chocolate and Lilac Point Birmans. The Birman is a medium to large strong-boned, muscular semi-longhaired cat. It is slightly longer in all its component parts than a Persian or Exotic Shorthair.

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